Terms eBook

Consider this eBook as your ultimate guide through the unknown parts of the stock market. From basic terms to the advanced lingo, these are the most important things to know when trading. This eBook will teach you all the basics for making your first steps to becoming a successful trader.

Basic Technical Analysis eBook

This eBook goes deeper in studying all the specific features of the technical analysis. From price patterns to different types of trends, these are the most common terms related to this school of analysis of the market. Keep reading to find out why technical analysis is still the focus of the investors’ attention.

Beginners Strategies eBook

This eBook will introduce you to various of strategies you can use in your everyday trading. No matter how much experience you have on the market, it couldn’t hurt to go back to basics and get reminded of the simpler steps you used to take. Those can eventually make you a more successful trader, with a solid presence on the market for years to come.

Capital Management eBook

This eBook will show you the importance of capital management. From the profitability and cash flow to the e-procurement, these are the key elements of today’s money management skills. By following these notes, you will learn how to take care of your money better and completely on your own and fulfill all your trading dreams.

CFDs And Stocks eBook

CFD, or Contract for Difference, gives you a unique possibility to earn money without owning any real asset. Rather, you earn your profit through the price movement of it. From the assets' entry into the trade to its exit, the CFD takes into consideration only the changes of its price. The underlying value of the asset is not a factor and does not have an effect when you trade with trade.

Forex eBook

Keeping your spirits up while the stock market takes you on a roller coaster of emotions can be quite challenging. From everyday geopolitical events to your personal choices, there are a lot of factors that can define your trading journey. In this book, we will show you how to manage those influences and turn them into your greatest assets.

Global Trading eBook

In this eBook, we will explain the basic traits of the market. From market types to different financial instruments, we give you an overview of all the characteristics of modern trading. There are many factors today that attempt to shake up the market, and we will show you the ways it copes with all those obstacles.

Market Analysis eBook

This eBook is your ultimate guide to different types of analysis of the market. From the fundamental and technical to the Dow theory, these are the most important features that help you distinguish the markets and its many characteristics. How do you measure the value of a security? What can affect it? Keep reading to find out!

Trading Market eBook

In this eBook, you will learn anything and everything you were ever curious about when it comes to the trading market. Whether you are an experienced trader or a first timer, this eBook will be your ultimate guide. From stocks to market capitalization, these are the terms and characteristics you must know in when trading.

Advanced eBook

In this eBook, we will go through the most common trading strategies, as well as some you may not have heard of yet. Finding the right one can be a long journey, and we want to make it easier for you. With these tips, tricks, and tools, your trading experience will become more exciting and enjoyable than ever.

Advanced Strategies eBook

In this eBook, we will present you some of the most common advanced trading strategies. Based on the same principles the experts claim work best on the market, these are the methods you can try to improve your trading experience.

Advanced Technical Analysis eBook

Advanced technical analysis is quite useful in many areas of the market. Investors use it to make their trading life easier and more enjoyable. It is based on all the best principles of technical analysis in its core, with the addition of more advanced features.